CAUTION- If You Find These Things in the Home, Talk to a Doctor Immediately

The reason we are here today is to warn you. We are here to warn you of the kissing bug. Undoubtedly, the name might seem like these bugs are not dangerous at all. Just wait.

The bug’s name is actually Triatomine and there was a warning about it which was issued by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention. According to the CDC, the bug can actually kill humans.

What the bug does is spread a parasite called Trupanosoma cruzi. If this parasite enters the human body, it can be very deadly. Therefore, this can cause Chagas and affect the lives of 8 million people everywhere.

These Chagas may cause heart issues and even death. You cannot notice the signs at the beginning, but, after 2 months the bug enters. The signs are the following: fever, headaches, large lymph glands, muscle pain, hard breathing. Of course you might think that it is just the flu and nothing more, because let’s be honest the symptoms are flu-like symptoms. Thus, you might not notice it.

But, when it starts happening, the affected person will have eyelid swelling and skin lesions. In addition, 10% of the people who were affected also had bad digestion and up to 30% had heart issues.

You have to be really careful to keep your family and home safe and spray around the home for hygiene because for the time being there is no immunization. However, there is an early treatment and it is 100% effective.



Moreover, if this host rubs its bite, the risk of contracting the illness is bigger and it can spread even more because the bug has feces in its bite and they are deadly. The area that is the riskiest is in the North- New England and New York State.

But, don’t fret, we are here to help you with the preventive matters.


Be Aware of These Places at Home

  • Bottom of homepage
  • Stony areas
  • Dog cages
  • Chicken coop
  • Rocks near the house


Now that you are informed this is the advice we will leave you with.

  • Seal every crack of windows, walls, doors
  • Remove wood piles and stone piles
  • Avoid puddles
  • Keep the house in pristine state
  • No yard lights close to the home
  • Call Department of Health if you notice Triatomine

We hope that this was helpful and that from now on you will take care of your household better and you will feel at ease knowing you have done everything to prevent these bugs to enter your lovely home.


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